Shipping & Cancel

Q: Item delivered but not received, where can I find my stuff, or what should I do?
A: Normally, the tracking details update with the shipping address once it is near the carriers.
1. If it shows your package was delivered and you don’t receive it, please wait two full days (excluding Sundays and holidays) for the package to arrive. Besides, we recommend checking around your home and asking your neighbors if they may have received it for you.
2. If you still haven’t received it after that time, please feel free to reach out to us via [email protected], we will reply to you in time.


Q: I purchased two or more FCHAO inverters/power stations, how many items may I receive when they arrived?
A: FCHAO inverters are arranged in the same box to ship. If you ordered with a different shipping address we can arrange them to a different address, which is decided by you.


Q: Why is my package still pending?
A: Sorry about this. If your package has been pending for 5 days, it may be that the package has been lost or delayed. Please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected], we’ll help you solve the issue.


Q: How do I cancel or edit an order?
A: You can cancel your order while it’s still in the “Processing” status or before the tracking number updated.
However, once the status changes to “Shipped” or the tracking number “Updated”, the order cannot be canceled.
Once you want to do that, please contact us through [email protected] within one day after placing an order.


Q: Where does the FCHAO item ship from?
A: FCHAO items are produced in an official Chinese factory and they are shipped by DHL/FedEx IP which depended on your shipping address.


Product & Item

Q: Where can I use this inverter?
A: FCHAO inverter can be used for multi-scene, such as RV, all kinds of camping, cruise ship, and so on.


Q: I am missing the accessories, where can I get them?
A: FCHAO accessories are universal, you can purchase them on the official website and other platforms.


Q: What is the type of inverter socket?
A: FCHAO owns all types like UNIVERSAL, USA, U.K, FRANCE, and EUROPE.


A: INPUT VOLTAGE contains 12V & 24V
OUTPUT VOLTAGE contains 220V 50Hz/60Hz, 230V 50Hz/60Hz, 240V 50Hz/60Hz, and so on.
Different specifications you can order for your need.